Mayor-Elect Jackie Biskupski Transition Process

Mayor-Elect Biskupski and her team are hard at work preparing for the transition on January 4th from Mayor Becker’s administration.  The Mayor-Elect has assembled her transition team (“Transition Team”) consisting of fifteen individuals with diverse backgrounds, including government, human resources, business, law, and consulting.  The members of the Transition Team include Robert Bergman, Simone Butler, Julio Garcia, Sandra Hollins, Rebecca Chavez-Houck, Karen Kwan, Patrick Leary, David Litvack, Carita Lucey, Tiffany Provost, Sue Rice, Jonathan Ruga, Bill Rutherford, Dave Spatafore, and Marcia White. For full biorgraphies visit:

The transition process will include:

  • A high level review of the most critical departments and divisions of the City;

  • A review of all department heads and mayoral staff; and

  • Development of Mayor-Elect Biskupski’s plan for her first 100 days in office.

The Mayor-Elect and her Transition Team have designed the transition process to be fair, to be respectful of the needs of City employees and the public, and to be implemented in a manner that will minimize disruption and create as positive a work environment as possible.

The Mayor-Elect has already met with several department heads and expects to complete those initial department head meetings within the next several days.  Those meetings will be promptly followed by meetings between the department heads and members of the Transition Team.  As is a common approach in mayoral transitions, department heads and mayoral staff will be asked to submit resignation letters effective January 4th, 2016 (the positions to which this applies are listed on Exhibit A attached hereto).  As soon as possible, Mayor-Elect Biskupski will determine whether to accept any letters of resignation, which decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis after the various meetings between and among the Mayor-Elect, her Transition Team, department heads, and mayoral staff.  Between now and then, the Mayor-Elect will begin the recruiting process for many appointed positions.  More information about the recruiting process will be provided imminently.

There are two exceptions to the foregoing.  Given the importance to public safety of the police and fire departments, Mayor-Elect Biskupski will not ask for letters of resignation at this time from Interim Police Chief Brown or Fire Chief Dale.  Rather, she would like the opportunity to work with both of them to evaluate their performance and to determine whether they will support her vision for public safety.

Appointed positions not constituting department heads or mayoral staff will be evaluated early next year.  Information regarding that process will be provided as it is developed.

The Mayor-Elect’s  First 100 Days Plan will be announced shortly after her Inauguration and is expected to include initiatives with respect to homelessness, affordable housing, air quality, economic development, education, transportation, community outreach, and streamlining City policies and procedures.

During the transition period, please direct any questions or comments to Simone Butler at (503) 803-2899 or If you're interested in applying for an appointed position, please send your cover letter, resume, and preferred position to