jackie on public safety & crime

We need to get beyond our own egos and begin sharing information in a much more strategic way to combat our city's drug problem.

Aggressive panhandlers downtown

When asked if she ever felt unsafe personally Downtown, Jackie addressed the issue of aggressive panhandling.

Candidates on Sexual Harassment

Mayor Becker and Jackie address the firing of Chief Burbank and the Salt Lake City Police sexual harassment scandal. 

Mayor Ralph Becker responds

Jackie Biskupski responds

culture of small business

We need to be partners and advocates for small business. It's time for the city to forge a partnership with our universities to ensure the energy of our graduates stays in SLC.

candidates on the Impact fee freeze

Mayor Becker and Jackie respond to the Mayor's 1-year moratorium on impact fees charged to developers to help offset the impact of new projects

Mayor Becker responds

Jackie responds

Homelessness issue

We must focus on providing transitional housing, early assessment, and long-term follow ups. This is a state issue and costs associated with dealing with it must be shared by everyone, not just the residents of SLC.

west side concerns

Mayor Becker and Jackie address West Side development and the feeling by many residents (52% according to poll) that the West Side has been shortchanged by City Hall.

Mayor Becker responds

Jackie Biskupski responds

prison relocation

We should have been battling against the move from day one. Now we must use the environmental impact study as an opportunity to stop the relocation.

public transportation options

We need to take advantage of existing opportunities like Prop 1 to improve our transit and roads. If we are truly serious about improving air quality we also need to explore new options like partnering with the U to develop a supplemental system.

Getting Around Town

Candidates respond to unique questions about how they utilize the city's existing transportation infrastructure. Jackie responds to biking in the city and Mayor Becker responds to using parking meters.

Mayor Becker on parking meters

Jackie on cycling in the city

Paying for the new Broadway Theatre

Mayor Becker and Jackie respond to how the new $120 million Broadway theatre will be paid for and why the public wasn't included in the discussion.

Mayor Becker responds

Jackie responds

Air Quality

Jackie responds to a question from Mayor Becker on what she has done and will do to improve air quality.