Jackie responds to Becker’s about face on the open space bond

“Mayor Becker has been pushing the “Connecting You to Nature” bond for the last several months, touting it as the centerpiece of his reelection platform. Now that he’s the recipient of public outrage, he’s changing his position

“He’s scrambling to try and gain support for reelection and, as a result, is making poor leadership decisions that are negatively affecting the city and its residents. Rather than involving the public and key stakeholders, he forged ahead with his own plan and then flipped his position when it became detrimental to his bid for re-election.

“As mayor, I will seek first, the input of residents, taxpayers, and community leaders. Preservation and expansion of open spaces are a critical component to the future of our city and I support the creation of new recreational opportunities, but this growth must be fiscally responsible, it must be sustainable, and above all, it must have the support of the residents who will foot the bill.”