Jackie's Air Quality Solutions

As a mom, I am deeply concerned that Salt Lake's air ranks among the 10 worst cities for short term particle pollution by the American Lung Association. We must act NOW to clean up our air and address the effects of climate change.

My commitments on climate change and sustainability:

  • Be a strong collaborative leader, bringing together Wasatch Front mayors and local business leaders to create a unified plan to resolve our air quality problems
  • Develop a broader public information campaign promoting the HIVE Pass and ensure ongoing funding
  • Focus strategic mixed-use economic development along public transit lines
  • Work with businesses, cyclists, and residents to standardize and expand bike lanes to improve cyclist, vehicle, and pedestrian safety while ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Connect neighborhoods via new and improved trails
  • Clean up and revitalize the Jordan River
  • Implement bus service to underserved areas with increased frequency and improved bus stops
  • Transition parks and golf courses to secondary water and water-saving technology
  • Incentivize developers to improve building efficiency and explore other market-based solutions to improve air quality and increase use of solar energy
  • Offer free public transportation on "red" pollution days
  • Expand the tree canopy and require landscaping with trees in industrial areas