My Vision for the West Side

We are a divided city. The economic growth and educational opportunities on the west side of the city are not equal to those in the rest of the city. The current mayor has promised to help the west side but has done little.

I am committed to unifying our city and devoting city resources to growing the economy and improving educational opportunities in all neighborhoods.

It's time for equality between the east and west sides of our city. As Mayor I will work for ALL people of every background and neighborhood.


Protecting Neighborhoods
No homeless shelter or prison moved to the west side
Expand open space and make Glendale and Rose Park golf courses financially sustainable and water-wise
Work with west side residents to create development strategies for our neighborhoods

Build public/private partnerships for quality and affordable Pre-K education for every child
Restore funding for after-school arts education

Economic Development and Job Growth
No sales tax increase
Economic growth that builds on cultural, ethnic diversity and history of west side
Deliver redevelopment agency resources

Increase bus services and improve bus stops
Add a park n' ride to the North Temple TRAX line
Repair roads and add street lights
Expand bike share program west of I-15