MEDIA RELEASE: PAC purchase of billboards

Recently, a series of billboards have been erected in support of my candidacy. I was not aware of these billboards, until they appeared this week. Our campaign had no coordination with the PAC or involvement in any decision about their expenditures.

PACs are either federal or state and Mayor Becker’s PAC, County Mayor McAdam’s PAC, and the PAC that paid for these billboards, all fall under the jurisdiction of state law created by the Utah State Legislature and it is unclear whether municipalities have any authority or jurisdiction to impose their own rules.

If these billboards are causing people to pay attention to PACs and the rules that govern them, I think that is a good thing. Unlike municipal campaigns, neither the legislature nor state PACs have any donation limits. I believe it makes sense to limit contributions to candidates and PACs, unfortunately, that rests in the hands of the legislature and the majority has not shown an appetite for making that change.

It also appears that Mayor Becker has not adequately addressed any existing conflicts between city ordinances and state code governing PACs. As mayor I will clarify city ordinances and work with the legislature and Lt. Governor's office on campaign finance reform.