Statement of Jackie Biskupski on Salt Lake City Parking Meters

The cost to park downtown rose dramatically under Mayor Becker. First, the hourly fee doubled from $1 to $2 per hour. Second, the hours of enforcement extended from 6 to 8 pm. Finally, the Mayor's new budget, adopted by the City Council yesterday, increases from $15 to $25 the fine for an expired meter and adds a $50 fine for failing to pay at a parking meter. Considering how frequently the parking meters fail to function properly a $50 fine is excessive. 

The malfunctioning of the City's parking meters, the increased cost to park, and the extended enforcement hours all serve to deter people from spending time downtown in the evenings. I support returning to 6 pm as the end of parking enforcement at the parking meters. I support slowing the increase in parking fees. And I support implementing a quality-control program to monitor the performance of the parking meters. If the meters aren’t working then the city shouldn’t be issuing parking tickets. It simply is not ethical to penalize drivers for the technical failure of the parking meters and that practice will not continue under my leadership.

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