Statement of Jackie Biskupski on Closing SLC Golf Courses

The golf issue is only partly about golf. It shows a huge difference between the current mayor and me. I understand that even if I am not a golfer, I need to be mayor to those who are. The sad state of the golf program is a result of six years of apathy and neglect, followed by a year in which “leadership” consisted of calling for course closures.
Why? Because this mayor doesn’t golf and the people he pays attention to don’t golf – at least not on public courses – so he does not care about golf.
Golf courses are an amenity and an attraction; they are open spaces that also generate revenue. From what I can tell, the mayor’s office has expended zero effort in trying to fix the golf problem.
Bonneville is a perfect example. It was clear at a recent meeting of concerned residents that city staff had almost no interaction with, or direction from, the mayor, while adjacent neighbors felt they had been excluded from decisions that will severely impact their properties. Planned changes will negatively affect both their neighborhood and the quality of play on the course.
This is typical of too many decisions made unilaterally under this mayor – it is hardly the first time we’ve heard it.