Statement by Jackie Biskupski on New Funding for Expansion of the S-Line

Today the City Council is voting on whether to approve additional funding for expansion of the S-Line. I urge the Council members to vote against additional funding until, first, we have a short-term solution to the immediate traffic problems in Sugar House and, second, we have a long-term transportation plan that takes into account the interests and feedback of the community. 

The community’s strong opposition to the streetcar and the decision to proceed regardless of public opinion is a another example of this Administration’s poor communication and lack of transparency. Now we have a train to nowhere that isn’t anything like what we were lead to believe, a casual street car where we could get on and off at will. The traffic in Sugar House is worse than ever and there’s no plan to improve it. We need immediate action in the form of additional funding to UTA to provide a designated circulator bus service in the area. We also need a comprehensive, long-term plan that takes into account the interests and feedback of the overall community to address the traffic in Sugar House and along Foothill Drive. An extension of the S line makes no sense until the community participates in the creation of an overall transportation plan for the city.