Earth Day Message

Earth Day is such a great day. It creates a point in time in which all of us should stop and reflect about the ways nature is a part of our lives and how unique our city is for its access to nature and open space. Today, with this amazing spring weather, Salt Lake’s natural beauty is on full display.

I thoroughly enjoy the close proximity in which we live to the mountains. I love how many parks I have to choose from for my son and me to play. And the secret is out that Salt Lake City is the gateway to not just the greatest skiing in the world but also, mountain biking, hiking and fantastic golfing, many of which are within our very city.

Earth Day should also remind us that we, every person in this city, everyone that travels to it each day for work, and all who care about our capital city, must work together to create a healthy, sustainable environment today and for our future. That means we need to clear our air. That means we must protect our water supply. That means we need to preserve our open spaces. That means we need to encourage green technology and innovative ideas.

As mayor, I will make Salt Lake City a zero-waste city during my first term. Zero-waste is one of the best ways a city can do its part to become more sustainable. Its not only a way for us to dispose of our waste without continuing to fill up our exhausted landfills, but zero-waste creates jobs, develops gas for energy, saves money, and perhaps most importantly, improves our air quality.

Will you help me make Salt Lake City a cleaner, healthier place for us to live and enjoy?

With your help we can ensure we have a mayor who incorporates public input into decisions being made regarding our open spaces, our golf courses and our dog parks. I will be transparent when making strategic plans for the future of our city. And as mayor of Salt Lake, I promise to be collaborative and innovative in preserving and sustaining our incredibly beautiful city, but I can’t do it without your support.

Donate to my campaign at, any amount helps and every dollar will be spent wisely.


Sign-up to volunteer on my campaign at, this is a grassroots effort and the only way to win against an incumbent is walking Salt Lake’s neighborhoods, knocking on doors, and getting the word out that it’s time for change.


Thank you.