Campaign: Statement on respect for city employees and treatment of former Chief Burbank

It is the job of every mayor to treat city employees fairly and with dignity. I am committed to managing Salt Lake City government in a way that respects employees, protects their rights and benefits, and rewards their service. Those values will apply to every employee from the most junior to the most senior.
It is troubling to me that Mayor Becker has chosen to deny our former police chief the full value of benefits he earned during his service. While I cannot endorse the way the former Chief managed findings of sexual harassment within the Police Department, that does not diminish the many ways the Chief served our City admirably during his tenure. He was a positive force in our community and worked tirelessly on our behalf. I am committed to restoring Salt Lake City's reputation as a well-managed, fair, and positive place to live and work. I hope the current Mayor will reconsider his actions and do the right thing by Chief Burbank