Campaign: Salt Lake City Republican Convention

Today my campaign for Salt Lake City Mayor attended the Salt Lake County Republican Convention. As you know, the SLC Mayor’s race is non-partisan and I am a registered Democrat with progressive values and ideals but as Mayor of Salt Lake I will represent all citizens, regardless of registered political party. The mayor can’t just be mayor to people who look, talk, and act like she does, she must represent everyone.

One of my strengths is working with people from all sides and building consensus. Partisan politics has put our government in gridlock and as a result we are seeing more disenfranchised people who choose not to exercise their right to vote. When I served in the Utah legislature I worked with people from both political parties to achieve real progress on economic development and civil rights. I not only worked well with Republicans but made some genuine friends across the aisle.

I think it is important for the candidates in this non-partisan race for our city’s highest office to be present at political organizing conventions even if they don’t share the party’s priorities. I believe that by working together we can find common ground and build a city that is inclusive of all people.