Salt Lake Tribune: Biskupski rips Becker for linking prison and sales tax hike

From the Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake City mayoral candidate Jackie Biskupski lashed out at Mayor Ralph Becker on Monday, alleging he cut a backroom deal surrounding the relocation of the state prison and a possible sales-tax hike.

“Now the mayor has opened the door for a sales tax increase upon our residents,” she said, “which, in turn, opens the door for the state prison to be dumped in Salt Lake City.”

A bill that passed the Utah Legislature in its closing hours last week, HB454, added a provision for an optional sales-tax increase for the city where the prison is ultimately moved.

Becker insists he continues to oppose a prison move to Salt Lake City. But he backs the potential sales-tax hike if the capital does get the penitentiary. For years, the mayor has sought an additional funding stream to offset the impacts on his city from daily commuters and tourists.


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