KUER: Biskupski Says Becker Made Deal With Lawmakers to Raise Taxes in Salt Lake City


Salt Lake City mayoral Candidate Jackie Biskupski  is criticizing her opponent, Mayor Ralph Becker for what she says is an absence of leadership opposing the state prison relocation to Salt Lake City.

Biskupski and her supporters say the deal is too sweet for Salt Lake City for it to be a coincidence. In the final hours of the 2015 Legislative Session, state lawmakers inserted an optional local sales tax increase into the Prison Development Bill HB 454—meaning whichever city acquires the new prison can opt to raise taxes. A sales tax hike is something, Biskupski points out Becker has lobbied the legislature for in the past.

“This mayor has his own agenda and he is working to advance it,” Biskupski says. “Even if it takes secretive back room deals that no one is privy to.”


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