Jackie Biskupski releases statement on Jim Dabakis Announcement


Monday, APRIL 6, 2015

Contact: Lindsay Barenz 347-741-7404
Emily Bingham 435-590-9961

Jackie Biskupski Statement Regarding Mayor’s Race

Senator Dabakis has come to realize what I have known for some time:  The people of Salt Lake City are ready for a new mayor. I welcome Jim to this important and historical race.

Let’s take a minute to recognize how far the LGBT community has come in Utah. When I was elected to the state legislature in 1998 – not without opposition from within my own party – I was the first and only openly gay person ever elected to public office in the state of Utah. It was a time when suggestions of equality for LGBT Utahns were greeted with open hostility. Today we have two strong LGBT candidates running for mayor of Salt Lake City, both with experience as elected officials. We should be genuinely proud of that fact.

When I considered running for mayor I took a careful, analytical approach. I looked at research. I considered the top issues on the minds of voters and my ability to effect change. I assessed my fundraising potential. I honestly examined my own capability and willingness to fill the role of mayor – to commit and stick with a tough job.

I came to this conclusion:  It is time for a change at city hall, I have the capability to serve the people of Salt Lake City very well, and I can win.

I entered this race knowing we had a path to victory. As a result of Jim’s candidacy we may make some strategic adjustments, but some things have not changed – I believe I am still the most qualified candidate and I expect to win.

I have been campaigning for two months now. We’ve raised just shy of $100,000 and have an energetic group of volunteers already working in neighborhoods walking door-to-door. What we’re hearing from voters confirms my expectation. With hard work and my team of experienced advisors and dedicated volunteers we will win this race.

Salt Lake City has a tradition of two-term mayors and that has served us well. Mayor Becker has served adequately for two terms. Now it’s time for new leadership with new ideas and new energy. Little can be accomplished in twelve years that could not be accomplished in eight. Eight is enough.