Deseret News: Will prison move to Salt Lake give Becker his sought-after tax increase?

From The Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — Mayor Ralph Becker reiterated Monday that he opposes a new prison being built in Salt Lake City, despite claims from critics that the relocation would open the door for a tax increase he has long sought.

Two of those critics are hoping to unseat Becker.

Jackie Biskupski, former state legislator and Salt Lake mayoral candidate, spoke at a news conference Monday claiming Becker is working a “back room” deal with legislators to push an “agenda” for a sales tax increase through the prison relocation.

She said Becker’s long-time ambition to raise Salt Lake City’s sales tax to help shoulder the burden of the city’s commuters and tourists could be made possible through a deal with legislators that was crafted under a provision that was introduced in a prison relocation bill, HB454, a day before the legislative session ended Thursday.

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