Statement: Mayor-elect Biskupski Statement on Transition Process

Mayor-elect Jackie Biskupski released the following statement regarding her transition process:

“For the last few weeks I have been working to ensure the transition between Mayor Ralph Becker’s administration and mine is transparent, fair, and respectful for both city employees and the public. Earlier today I sent all Salt Lake City employees a transition document (available here:, laying out my initial timetable for this process. I have also formed a transition team consisting of individuals with diverse backgrounds in government, human resources, small business, law, and consulting (for full backgrounds, please visit

“As the incoming mayor, it is my responsibility to review all appointed positions and the current structure of city agencies, to ensure the wishes of voters are reflected throughout city government. I have identified 34 appointed positions, consisting of department heads and mayoral staff, who will be part of my first round of review. I have already met with many of these individuals and, in the next several days, I will have met with every department head. Members of my transition team will also meet with department heads and mayoral staff.

“As is common in mayoral transitions, I have requested that all appointed department heads, as well as the mayoral staff, submit a letter of resignation to me by January 4th, 2016. Each of these resignations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and, as soon as possible, I will determine whether to accept individual letters of resignation. Between now and then, the Mayor-Elect will begin the recruiting process for many appointed positions. More information about the recruiting process will be provided imminently. I have asked that all individuals submitting letters of resignation remain in their current positions until the effective date of any resignation I accept.

“Due to the importance of public safety, I have decided not to request at this time the resignations of Interim Police Chief Brown and Fire Chief Dale. I would like the opportunity to work with both of them to evaluate their performance and to determine whether they will support my vision for public safety.  

“I would like to thank Mayor Becker and his staff for their cooperation in this effort, and I look forward to completing the transition and to assuming my role as Mayor of Salt Lake City on January 4th.”