More than 25-years ago Jackie visited Utah on a ski trip and never left. Like so many people, Jackie fell in love with Salt Lake City’s natural beauty, proximity to the outdoors, the warmth of the people, and the overall quality of life. After that first trip, Jackie knew that Salt Lake City was where she wanted to build her life, raise a family and contribute to her community. Jackie and her 5 year-old son, Archie, currently live in the Sugar House neighborhood of Salt Lake City.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

With a degree in criminal justice from Arizona State University, and a family history of entrepreneurialism, Jackie moved to Utah and began her career by forming her own private investigation firm. After four years in small business, she joined State Farm Insurance to manage their first and third party injury claims. Jackie learned, both as a small business owner and in corporate America, the value that strong and active businesses of all sizes can bring to a community. Business not only builds an economy, it brings diversity to a community and provides opportunity to residents. Salt Lake City needs to be an accommodating place for large businesses to locate and where entrepreneurs can incubate and thrive.

Fighting for All People


After making her home in Salt Lake City for more than ten years, and witnessing an absence of diverse, pragmatic, and business-conscious leadership on Capitol Hill, Jackie ran for a seat in the Utah House of Representatives, representing the Liberty Wells, Sugar House and Central City neighborhoods of Salt Lake City. Being a progressive, female, openly gay candidate in 1998 Jackie was prepared for some confrontation, but the personal attack campaign that unfolded—led by Gayle Ruzika and the Eagle Forum—was unprecedented. However, the people of her district rose above the vitriol and sent Jackie to the House seven times—she won her last election with 78% of the votes.

Being the first, openly gay elected official in Utah—and fighting hard to get a seat at the table—instilled in Jackie a commitment to be a voice for change and diversity whenever she had the opportunity. For 13-years on Capitol Hill, Jackie fulfilled that promise by standing up for LGBT families on issues like adoption, the fight for anti-gay bullying legislation to protect students in Utah schools, the battle over Amendment 3, and by being a strong voice for minorities in every committee meeting she was in. Whether the discussion was on sound stewardship of tax dollars, incentive programs to stimulate employment, improved efficiency by state agencies, or legislation governing low-income housing and services for the homeless, elderly, and people with special needs, Jackie was there advocating on our behalf. By earning the respect of her colleagues, on both sides of the aisle, Jackie demonstrated early and often, that though our elected representatives may come from very different backgrounds, they must find common ground and work together to make Utah a better place to live and work.



law enforcement professional

In 2007, Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder asked Jackie to join his leadership team. Recognizing her ability to effectively work with diverse interests, Sheriff Winder made Jackie a senior policy advisor and manager of special projects for his office.

Over the last 15-years, Jackie has played an integral role in transforming the Sheriff’s office and Salt Lake County law enforcement. Jackie has helped to manage projects ranging from creating the Unified Police Department, streamlining 911 and other services, building programs to mentor youth cadets, and establishing community outreach projects like the revitalization of the Kearns Pony League Ball Park, and programs to assist and educate refugees. As a law enforcement professional, Jackie is uniquely qualified to manage the important relationship between City Hall and Salt Lake City's public safety agencies, and has earned the endorsement of the Salt Lake Police Association and the Salt Lake City Firefighters Association.



Why I'm Running for Mayor of Salt Lake City

I’m running for mayor because I care about the people who live and work in this great city and how we are not being included in the decisions that affect our lives.
As a taxpayer, I care about our local economy and the fact that we’re not keeping up with the expense of running this city. As someone who believes in being strategic, I care about transportation and how we’re making arbitrary decisions rather than working from a master plan. As a mother, I care about our air quality and the lack of long-term sustainable solutions. As a Salt Lake City resident, I know we need an open, transparent government in which we are working together for community based solutions.
I served for 13 years in the Legislature and have been a member of the administrative team of the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s office and Unified Police Department for the past 8 years.I have the leadership skills and the policy making experience to be the strong, collaborative leader this community needs.