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Arts & Culture with Jackie!

Celebrate an Evening of Arts & Culture
with Jackie Biskupski

Featuring live music, silent auction of gallery art,
and delightful hors d'oeuvres provided by Kimi’s. 

Wednesday, September 30th
6:00pm - 8:00pm
Kimi's Chop House and Oyster Bar
2155 S. Highland Drive, Salt Lake City

Thank you to our hosts
Jill Barton - Nancy Borgenicht - Glenda Bradley
Peter Christie - Geralyn Dreyfous - Max Farbman - Jerry Floor
The Gallivan Family - Josh & Catherine Kanter - Bruce Lefavi
Marcia Price - Kelly Nelson & Anna Beck, M.D. - Jerry Rapier
Rocky Anderson - Marah Rohovit - Jonathan & Tina Ruga
Louie Strike - Jena Woodbury & Joan Small
Kimi's Chop House and Oyster Bar

Thank you to our sponsors
Ron Barness - Councilman Arlyn Bradshaw & Neil Webster
Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck - Heber Jacobsen
Peter & Paula Green Johnson - Holly & Richard Kasteler - Curtis Linton
Tom & Mary McCarthey - Susie McHugh - Jeff & Tatiana Miller
John & Andrea Miller - Susan Rice & Lisa Kohring - Ross Romero
Stephen Schubach - Jennifer Seelig - Mike & Joyce Sibbett
Jack & Candace Taylor - Scott Young

Thank you to our supporters
Lisa Allcott - Christine Arthur - Aaron Butler
Senator Gene Davis - John & Leslie Francis - Councilman Sam Granato
Linda Howell - Lucinda Kindred - Leslie Reberg
Denise Winslow - Joe Zeidner & Susan Dillon


Salt Lake City is the Arts and Culture hub for the State of Utah and the Intermountain West. Jackie is committed to promote and expand our vibrant arts scene. Come learn more about Arts and Culture in the Capital City.

For questions contact Christine Passey. 801.808.091